Preparedness for Disabled People

Emergencies can happen at a moments notice. Know your plans ahead of time so you are safer and more prepared. Help the police department to be aware of any special needs that you or your family may need when an emergency strikes. The following tips are for the disabled person in the household; whether it’s you or a loved one.

Tips for the Disabled

  • Create a personnel support network. Talk to family members and neighbors to let them know you may need assistance in an emergency. Let them know what your special needs are so they can help effectively.
  • Make a written list of your personnel support network. Leave it in plain sight so that if emergency personnel arrive and you cannot communicate they know who to contact.
  • If prescription medications are taken on a daily basis, give personnel support group a list of the medications and where they are located in the house. If you have drug allergies that emergency personnel would need to know about, keep that with your medication list so that it is readily available for medical personnel if you are unable to communicate.

Help the police help you during an emergency. Complete the form below and return it to the Owenboro Police Department so that officers know your specific needs during an emergency.

Emergency Preparedness for Disable People

Once completed the form can be dropped off or mailed to :

Owensboro Police Department
Attn: Paul Nave
222 E. 9th Street
Owensboro, KY 42303