Automark Vehicle Identification Program

How and Why “Automark” Works

The process is simple. The Owensboro Police Department will etch your car’s vehicle identification number (VIN) on all the glass – including T-tops – using a specially designed stencil and patented, safe etching gel. An “Automark” warning sticker is placed above the etched number on the driver’s and front passenger’s side window to warn thieves the car is marked. The etching won’t impair motorists’ vision and does not detract from the cars appearance. “Automark” will be offered to any car owner for a $4.00 fee, and the process takes only 15 minutes!

A Proven Deterrent

The “Automark” window etching technique has been used successfully around the world for several years.

Professional Car Thieves Avoid “Automark” Cars

The success of auto marking programs is understandable. Once a car is permanently marked, it can quickly be traced. The auto glass and marked component parts can be removed and replaced, but this requires a great deal of time, expense and effort on the part of the thief. He would much rather bypass an “Automark” marked car for a quick, easy target.

Get Up to 15% Discount on Comprehensive Auto Insurance

Take your receipt to your auto insurance company and apply for a discount on your premium. You may receive up to 15% off the comprehensive coverage portion of your premium for having “Automark” identifying your vehicle as part of an anti-theft program.

The Owensboro Police Department is pleased to offer the “Automark” anti-theft auto etching program as a cooperative effort through insurance companies, car dealers and others. We’re working together to further improve safety and security in our community.

Please call the Owensboro Police Department Crime Prevention Unit for information regarding the “Automark” Program at (270) 687-8828.

Kentucky Revised Statute 304.20-420 – Fifteen percent discount.

Motor vehicle insurance companies shall give a fifteen percent (15%) discount on comprehensive coverage on any motor vehicle equipped with any of the following antitheft devices:

  1. Internally-operated alarm system which automatically cuts off the ignition or disconnects the starter and is activated if any door, the trunk or hood is opened, but which does not meet all the criteria in subsection (1) of KRS 304.20-430;
  2. Nonpassive fuel cutoff device which is activated when a switch is tripped or when the device is engaged by a key;
  3. Nonpassive steering wheel lock consisting of a steel collar and barrel, into which the shackle of a lock fits, which is permanently attached to the steering post and the lock is operated by a tubular key;
  4. Armored cable hood lock and ignition cutoff switch where the cable extends through the firewall and is secured to prevent retraction, but which does not meet all the criteria in paragraph (a) of subsection (6) of KRS 304.20-430; or
  5. Window identification system in which identification letters or numbers are etched into all windows of the motor vehicle other than small vent window.

Effective: July 15, 1986

History: Created 1986 Ky. Acts ch. 352, sec. 4, effective July 15, 1986.