Bicycle Safety-Sharrows

FAQ for Shared Roadway Markings

Q. I’ve seen these new markings of a bike with two chevrons/arrows above it on the streets. What do they mean?

A. These are “Shared Roadway Markings” which are intended to show where cyclists can ride on the street without being hit by a suddenly opened car door. Although the motorist should check before opening their door, riding too close to parked cars (in the “door zone“) is still a common mistake that can lead to serious injury.

Q. Can’t cyclists just look into parked cars as they ride and see if someone is about to open the door?

A. This can be very difficult to do. Cyclists, along with all road users, need to constantly scan the entire roadway for safety. Checking every car for a driver is difficult to do without compromising attention paid to the road. Also, it is often impossible to see drivers due to large parked vehicles blocking the view of other parked vehicles, tinted windows, headrests, etc. Car drivers should check their side view mirror or look back prior to opening their door

Q. If I see these markings in a lane, is the lane only for bikes?

A. No. This marking is used for shared lanes; lanes that are used by bicyclists and motorists.

Q. So, if I don’t see these markings, then it’s not a shared lane and bicyclists aren’t supposed to be there?

A. No, cyclists can ride on any street in the city.

Q. Are these markings going to be on every street that does not have a bike lane?

A. No, these markings are only on streets listed below that help get bicyclists to the Greenbelt, and the downtown area.