Car Break-Ins

Car break-ins, also known as Theft From Autos, is a crime that occurs in every area of Owensboro. Whether a car is parked on the street, a driveway or parking lot, it can be the target of a break-in by thieves.

Often, the thief commits the break-in and theft in less than a minute. Examples of property stolen are:

  • Car Stereos
  • Cell phones
  • CD’s
  • Checkbooks
  • Purses
  • Tools
  • Wallets
  • Laptop computers
  • Firearms


The Police Department believes that car break-ins can be reduced by encouraging citizens to use the listed car break-in prevention tips:

  • Always lock your car after parking it.
  • Do not leave valuables in the car.
  • Do not leave keys in the car. Keys left in the car often result in the car being stolen.
  • Park in well-lighted areas.
  • Lock your packages and gifts in your car’s trunk, especially during the holiday season.
  • Use heavy duty locks for tool boxes and if they are stored in pickup trucks, secure the tool boxes to the bed of the truck.
  • Be observant. Notify the police if you see anyone acting in a suspicious manner such as loitering around cars or looking into cars.

What to do if you observe a car break-in in progress:

If you observe a car break-in in progress, do not intervene but call 911 to notify the police. When reporting the crime to police communications personnel, please provide the following information.

Location: Such as an address, street name and/or block number, or a specific location in a parking lot.

Description of the suspect: Provide identifiers such as race, sex, age, height, weight, hair color and length, color and length of facial hair, colors and style of clothing, any identifying marks such as tattoos and scars.

Direction: Provide the direction of travel if the suspect flees from the scene.

Decription of car: Provide a description of the car if the suspect flees from the scene in a vehicle. Describe the make and type of car, color and year, special designs or features such as a vinyl top, mag wheels, body damage, pinstripes, etc.

Description of the Victim’s Stolen Property

What to do if your car has been broken into – Notify the Owensboro Police Department. A report of the break-in alerts the police to crime activity in certain areas and it allows the police to respond with an investigation or extra patrols.

Provide complete information on the stolen property, especially property that has serial numbers or other identifying numbers or marks.