Criminal Investigations Division

Lt. Chris Green

The Criminal Investigation Division’s goals lie in the protection of persons, the apprehension of criminals, the recovery of property and the prevention of crime.

The C.I.D.’s responsibility includes initiating and supporting jurisdictional, criminal investigations. Such activities include, but are not limited to homicides, assaults, sex crimes, fraud, theft and fugitive related cases.

The Criminal Investigation Division includes the General Investigations, Juvenile Unit and Street Crimes Unit.

The detectives assigned to each of these units are responsible for:

  • Verifying that a criminal offense has actually occurred, and identify the victim, the place of the crime and when the crime occurred
  • Check to see that the preliminary investigation was thoroughly done
  • Identify solvability factors
  • Continue the investigation of those leads which have surfaced
  • Interview of witnesses and suspects
  • Conducting line­ups
  • Work to link the crime with others of a similar type
  • Communicate the circumstances of the crime; identify investigative tasks completed and those yet to be done
  • Charging and booking offenders
  • If an arrest is made, preparing detailed case files for prosecution and courtroom challenges
  • Communicating with other law enforcement agencies to exchange information pertinent to criminal activity.

General Investigations Unit investigators are primarily responsible for investigating the following:

  • Homicides, all violent or suspicious deaths
  • Assaults
  • Robbery
  • Kidnapping and abduction
  • Rapes and other sexual assault offenses involving adults
  • Missing persons involving adults
  • Business and residential burglaries
  • Auto Theft
  • Theft, including the fencing of stolen property
  • Domestic Violence
  • Fraudulent offenses
    • Financial crimes
    • Forgery
    • Credit card fraud
    • Embezzlement
    • Extortion
    • Coercion and bribery offense

Juvenile Unit investigators are primarily responsible for investigating the following:

Child molestation & rape
Communicating with a minor for immoral reasons
Indecent exposure
Missing and Runaway children
Internet Crimes against Children
The Street Crime Unit is primarily responsible for investigating the following:

General Vice Enforcement – enforces laws related to liquor, prostitution, gambling, drugs, obscenity, pornography and regulatory violations. It coordinates Department enforcement activity in these areas and provides a central repository for related records and vice intelligence information.
Narcotics – investigating primary sources for the suppliers of illicit drugs into Owensboro and the greater Owensboro area; responsible for undercover personnel working on street drug sales.
Intelligence – gathers, analyzes, stores and disseminates information concerning organized crime, terrorist activity and criminally violent groups. It maintains a network of communication with regional and national intelligence organizations.
All offices of the Criminal Investigation Division are located at the Owensboro Headquarters at 222 E. 9th Street.

For investigative assistance, please call –

General Investigations Unit @ (270) 687-8870
Juvenile Unit @ (270) 687-8820
Street Crimes Unit @ (270) 687-8871