Dialing 911

Dial “911” for Emergencies Only

Situations where loss of life or serious physical injury exist or situations that have the potential to develop into a situation where serious physical injury or death could result such as accident with injuries or accidents blocking the lane of traffic, burglary in progress, disturbances, rape in progress, robbery in progress, fires, and requests for medical assistance are a few examples.

Dial 687-8888 for Non-Emergencies

Situations where there is no apparent threat of serious physical injury or death of another person exists such as shoplifter (not causing a problem), barking dogs, loud music, theft, parking complaints or burglary that occurred earlier.

Calling for help when you have or observe an Emergency situation:

In emergency situations, dialing “911” any time day or night from a residential, business or pay phone will connect callers to police personnel. Be aware of your surroundings-look for business names, street signs, mile markers or exit ramp numbers etc.- and be prepared to give as precise a location as possible for the problem area. This will determine the jurisdiction and the responding police agency and will avoid unnecessary transfers and reduce responder response times.

Once it is determined that your emergency requires medical assistance or that you are outside the jurisdiction of answering agency, your call will be transferred to Yellow Ambulance for dispatching of medical personnel or to the appropriate police agency. Please note this could result in answering some of the same questions again. Be patient. This provides the responding agency with the necessary information to handle your call as quickly as possible.

Be prepared to provide the following additional information, a brief description of the problem, the names or description of persons involved, and if appropriate, the type of weapons involved, the number and/or type of injuries. If you are involved in or witness an in progress call, when safe to do so, maintain communication with dispatch and up date them with any pertinent information. DO NOT place yourself in danger.
Did you know that anyone can dial 911 from their residence even when phone service does not exist. That is correct, any telephone that is plugged into a land line will allow a caller to dial 911 in an emergency situation.

Dialing 911 From Your Cellular Phone

When dialing 911 from your cell phone, if your call is misdirected, you will need to advise them of your location so your call can be transferred to the correct agency for assistance. Please contact your cell phone provider for information regarding how your calls will be routed.

For Assistance in Non-Emergency Situations within Owensboro City Limits

Please dial (270) 687-8888 for non-emergency situations. Please be patient, your call will be handled as quickly as possible. Calls are dispatched based on priority and emergency and life threatening calls will take priority.